On the Wings of Time

Embellished with witty Yoruba proverbs, spiced sumptuously with amazing folktales, and written in the thrilling mode of magic realism, this beautiful autobiography narrates the odyssey of a Nigerian diplomat from difficult but Providence-led beginnings via a scholarship-cushioned passage through college to the pinnacle of professional accomplishments. Adopting a point of view of a naive third person narrator who paradoxically is omniscient, it allegories shenanigans: compares communal rural life with desolate city life: brims with wistful memories of childhood sports and schoolboy antics and jokes: and portrays a gorgeous array of charming characters. About the author: Lawrence Olufemi Obisakin, born 1957 at lle-lfe, Osun State. Nigeria was educated at Obafemi Awolowo University,lle-lfe:Universite de Grenoble, France: and UNEB, Brasilia.Having been posted to Switzerland, Brazil, Israel and USA, today. Obisakin is an ambassador-ranked officer in the Nigerian Foreign Service. He is a versatile officer, with ten languages, having served as Director of State House Protocol and Personal Interpreter and Translator to President Obasanjo (2003-2007). An astute and multi-talented diplomat, a passionate pastor, philologer, and prolific writer, Obisakin is married to Pastor Cecilia Gbemi and they have four children: Ope, Tolu, Seun, and Ife.