Accuracy or language precision is so crucial to vision casting and  goal-setting. These are vital requirements in leadership or advanced management. Now, without vision, people will perish!

A nation that is sacrificing a world-class language of accuracy, such as the English language for “pidgin english” is likely  heading for a visionless…captivity. Nigeria, think straight, now! The pidgin language generally,  a nondescript, amalgam without standard grammar or vocabulary, may probably be  emblematic of  cloud of indiscipline and academic laziness currently pervading our nation. Must we allow it to continue to fester?  Radio stations, TV and dovish media are being bitten by this disastrous linguistic laziness  virus!

Already our nation is losing ground to other West African commonwealth nations when it comes to English language students coming for studies. Our representatives, our professors are no longer being consulted on questions or challenges on English grammar at international forum!

With all sense of humility, I speak and write my mothertongue,Yoruba, and can express myself fairly well  in Igbo, while  currently trying to buy and sell in Hausa language,these three  being our national languages but English remains our OFFICIAL LANGUAGE!

An American – trained Professor, a Nigerian, lamented to me, two days ago,  the terribly poor level of English language of doctoral students in Nigeria!

Where are we heading, Nigeria?

Must we also lose to indiscipline,even the historical relative advantage that we have, such as the English language?

Nigeria, please think straight!